Neighbours share

A wise and successful man bought a beautiful house with a huge orchard. But, not all were happy for him.

An envious man lived in an old house next to him. He constantly tried to make his fellow neighbour’s stay in the beautiful house as miserable as possible. He threw garbage under his gate and did other nasty things.

One fine day, the wise man woke up in a good mood and went into the porch to notice buckets of garbage thrown there. He took a bucket and cleaned his porch. Then he carried a bucket and went to knock his envious neighbour’s door. 

The envious neighbour heard the knock at his door and gleefully thought, “I finally got him!” He answered the door ready to quarrel with his successful neighbour.  

However, the wise man gave him a bucketful of freshly picked apples saying, “The one who is rich in something, shares it with others.”

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