Lakshmana’s respect for Sita

This is an anecdote from the Ramayana that shows us how to live by the ideals of Gods who came down to Earth in human form.

When Prince Rama went in exile to the forest for 14 years, he was accompanied by his faithful wife Sita and loyal brother Lakshmana.

When Ravana was forcibly carrying away Sita to his kingdom in Lanka in Pushpak, his flying chariot, she hastily removed  her jewellery and threw them on the ground in the hope that Rama would find them and that they would lead him to her.

Rama and Lakshmana searched for Sita for days but could not find her. They eventually found the jewellery and, being teary-eyed, Rama could not easily identify them as Sita’s. He showed them to Lakshmana. He showed him the ring, the bracelet and the necklace of Sita, but Lakshmana could not recognise any of them!

But when he saw the anklets worn on the feet, Lakshmana immediately identified them as those of his sister-in-law.


Lakshmana told his brother, “I have never looked at Mother Sita all my life. I paid my respects to her everyday by touching her feet. And that is how I could recognise the anklets as hers.”

Such was the respect shown to women by the princes of Ayodhya!

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