“Ask the Creator for what you want,” they told her, “and the Creator will always answer you.”

They had told her that since she was a baby. Now she was almost seven.

“I asked the Creator for something,” she said one morning.

“What did you ask for, darling?” they asked.

“For snow on my birthday!” she said, giggling

Her parents looked at each other in alarm. The little girl’s birthday was in July, and they lived in a desert. It is very hot in July in the desert.

Two weeks later the little girl spoke about her birthday again.

“I want a party with all of my friends,” she announced.

Now they were very alarmed, but they arranged the party. Everyone came, had a wonderful time, and left. There was no snow, but the little girl didn’t appear to be sad.

“Are you disappointed that the Creator did not answer you?” they asked her gently.

“He did answer me,” she replied. “He said ‘No!’”  

–       From Soul Stories by Gary Zukav