Best news of the week

Argentinian golfer, Roberto de Vincenzo, once won a tournament and the big cheque that goes with it. After the celebrations, he was strolling back to his car when a young woman approached him and congratulated him on his victory. She told him her daughter was seriously ill and close to death. She needed an expensive heart operation.

Roberto didn’t think twice. He took out his pen and signed the tournament cheque over to the woman.

At next week’s tournament, a golfing official approached Roberto and said he’d heard the winner’s cheque had been given away. “I have bad news,” he said. “It was a con. You’ve been duped. There is no sick child. She’s fleeced you.”

“You mean there is no baby who is dying?” said Roberto.

“That’s right,” said the golf official, shaking his head.

“That’s the best news I’ve heard all week!” replied Roberto.

Roberto De Vincenzo (1923-2017) was a professional golfer from Argentina. He won a record 229 professional tournaments worldwide in his career, including seven on the PGA Tour. Argentina issued a $5 miniaturesheet on Vicenzo on 11 Oct 2008.

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