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“Impossible” success stories that prove we’re making progress

It takes discipline in the current media environment to find good news. But in the midst of government shutdowns, injustice at the border, and continuing climate chaos, quite a few victories for goodness and progress occurred. 

1. The hole in the ozone layer could be fully closed over the Arctic by 2030 and the rest of the world by 2060. 

2. Niger reported that, in the last three decades, it has seen the growth of 200 million trees, setting the record for the largest positive impact on the environment in African history.

3.      Canada signed a treaty with the Tall Cree First Nation to create the largest protected coniferous forest in the world.

4.      China, likely the world’s largest ivory consumer, banned ivory trade in 2017.

5.      New York and Virginia became the first two U.S. states to enact laws requiring mental health education in schools.

6.      South Africa, the country with the world’s largest population of people living with AIDS, announced a 44 percent decline in new HIV infections since 2012.

7.      Paraguay has eliminated malaria, becoming the first country in the Americas to do so since Cuba in 1973.

8.      Morocco passed landmark legislation criminalising violence against women.

9.      Tunisia passed a bill to give men and women equal inheritance rights. It’s the first Arab nation to take such a step. 

10.    The majority of humanity is no longer poor or vulnerable to poverty. September marked a tipping point, where half the world can be classified as middle class.

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