Say a prayer

I was taking my usual morning walk when a garbage truck pulled up beside me. I thought the driver was going to ask for directions. Instead, he showed me a picture of a cute little five-year-old boy.

“This is my grandson, Jeremiah,” he said. “He’s on a life-support system at a Phoenix hospital.”

Thinking he would next ask for a contribution to his hospital bills, I reached for my wallet. But he wanted something more than money.

He said, “I’m asking everybody I can to say a prayer for him. Would you say one for him, please?”

I did. And my problems didn’t seem like much that day.

Bahamas issued a series of stamps in 2015 to mark the World Day of Prayer, annually held on the first Friday in March. The stamps show the inspiration and creativity of talented Bahamian artists in celebration of the spirit of the global call to prayer and are titled “Never Forget How to Serve,” “Blessed,” and “The Master Key.” Image courtesy