Scissors or needle?

It is reported in the life of a great Sufi mystic, Farid, that once a king came to see him. He brought a present for him: a beautiful pair of scissors, golden, studded with diamonds — very valuable, very rare and something unique.

The king brought those scissors to present to Farid. He touched Farid’s feet and gave him the scissors.

Farid took them, looked at them, and gave them back to the king, and said, “Sir, many many thanks for the present that you have brought. It is a beautiful thing, but utterly useless for me. It will be better if you can give me a needle. Scissors I don’t need; a needle will do.”

The king said, “I don’t understand. If you need a needle, you will need scissors too.”

Farid said metaphorically, “Scissors I don’t need because scissors cut things apart. A needle I need because a needle puts things together. I teach love. My whole teaching is based on love — putting things together, teaching people communion. I need a needle so that I can put people together. The scissors are useless; they cut, they disconnect. Next time when you come, just an ordinary needle will do.”

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