The king’s humility

One day, a wise old man came to visit a king. He had to wait for a long time because the king was very busy. Finally, the king said he could come in.

When the old man entered the hall, the first thing he did was to take off his turban and bow to the king. Immediately, the king took off his crown and bowed to him in return.

Later, the ministers and others who were around the king asked him, “O king, what were you doing? The old man took off his hat because he is an ordinary man. But you are the king. Why should you have to take off your crown?”

The king said to his ministers, “Do you think I wish to remain inferior to an ordinary man? He is humble and modest. His humility is a peerless virtue. He showed his respect to me. If I did not take off my crown, then I would be showing less humility than an ordinary man, and I would be defeated by him. If I am the king, I should be better than everybody in everything. That is why I took off my crown and bowed to him!”