The wet pants

There was a nine-year-old kid sitting at his school desk and all of a sudden, there was a puddle between his feet and the front of his pants got wet too.

He thought his heart was going to stop and he couldn’t imagine how this might have happened. It had never happened before. He knew that if the boys find out about it, he will be teased all the time at the school.

When the girls find out, they’ll never speak to him again as long as he lives.  The boy put his head down and prayed for a miracle. He knew that if anyone notices what he had done, he will never be able to face anyone in the school anymore. He looked up and he noticed a teacher who was approaching him.

As the teacher was walking toward him, a classmate named Susie, who was carrying a goldfish bowl filled with water tripped in front of the teacher and inexplicably dumped the bowl of water in the boy’s lap.

The boy pretended to be angry with Susie, but all the while he thanked the situation.

All of a sudden, instead of being the object of ridicule, the boy became the object of sympathy. The teacher took him downstairs and gave him gym shorts to put on while his pants dried out.

All the other children were on their hands and knees cleaning up around his desk. The sympathy is wonderful. But as life would have it, the ridicule that should have been his was transferred to someone else – Susie.  She tried to help, but they told her that it was all her fault.

Finally, at the end of the day, as all the students were waiting for the bus, the boy walked over to Susie and whispered, “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

Susie whispered back, “I too wet my pants once.”

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This happened to me too once when I was in my second standard. In fact, I dirtied my knickers during playtime in the school and it happened all of a sudden. The other kids were merciless and the housekeeper, who was a woman, dragged me to the toilet. Somehow, after that incident, I could never laugh at or make fun of people with whom such things happened but could only sympathise with them.

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