‘What do you do all day?’

Have you heard the story of the man who came home from work one day to find kid’s bikes and scooters blocking the driveway, the house in shambles, dirty dishes stacked in the sink, dirty laundry piled up, clothes everywhere, and his two pre-schoolers drawing on the walls? 

He finally found his stay-at-home wife, asleep in bed. He woke her and said, “Honey, what’s going on? The house is a shambles, and the kids are running wild!” 

She yawned and said, “Well, you know how you’re always asking me what I do all day?” 

“Yeah,” he said. 

“Well,” she said, “today I didn’t do it.” 

Reference: Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, Love and Respect (Thomas Nelson, 2004), p. 181

From: http://www.illustrationsforsermons.com/

Postage stamp commemorating 75th anniversary of Association of Housewives, Germany (1990), courtesy: https://www.german-stamps.org/