A student asked his teacher, “What is greed?”

The teacher said, “In order to answer your question, go through the chocolate factory next to our school and pick the one chocolate you like the most. But there is a rule. As you pass through the factory, you cannot turn back. You must pick the chocolate as you go forward only.”

The student went to the chocolate factory. As he walked through, he saw a chocolate wrapped nicely, liked it instantly but he wondered that he may find a much better one further.

So, he walked further, then he saw another chocolate. But again, he thought the same. When he started to reach near the end of the factory, he couldn’t see any chocolates as big as the one he didn’t pick earlier and started to regret his decision of letting it go.

Finally, he gave up. He went back to the teacher with an empty hand and gave an explanation of what he did.

The teacher told him, “You did like one chocolate very much but still you kept looking for a bigger one. And later you realised that what you let go was the best chocolate you could find there. That my dear is called greed.”