Respect the “NO”

Once, a bird was searching for a home to lay her eggs and shelter in the rainy season. 

In her search, she saw two trees, and she went to ask them for protection.

When she asked the first tree, it refused to give her shelter. With disappointment, she went to the second. And the second tree agreed.

The bird made her home and laid her eggs, and then the rainy season arrived. 

The rain was so heavy that the first tree fell and was carried away by the flood.

The bird saw this and, in a taunting way, said, ”See, this is your karma, you didn’t offer me shelter, and now God has given you the punishment.”

The tree smiled for the last time and said, ”I knew I’m not going to survive this rainy season. That’s why I refused you. I didn’t want to risk your and your children’s lives.“

The bird had tears as she now knew why she and the kids were alive!