The disciples were absorbed in a discussion of Lao-tzu’s dictum: 
“Those who know do not say; 
Those who say do not know.”

When the Master entered, they asked him exactly what the words meant.

Said the Master, “Which of you knows the fragrance of a rose?”

All of them knew.

“Then,” he said, “put it into words.”

All of them were silent. 

Anthony de Mello 

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Anthony de Mello (1931-1987) was an Indian Jesuit priest and psychotherapist. A spiritual teacher, writer and public speaker, De Mello wrote several books on spirituality and hosted numerous spiritual retreats and conferences. He continues to be known for his storytelling, which drew from the various mystical traditions of both East and West.

Image: A postage stamp issued by Laos in 2000 depicts Pha That Luang (‘Great Stupa’), a gold-covered large Buddhist stupa in the centre of the capital city of Vientiane. Since its initial establishment, assumed to be in the 3rd century AD, the stupa has undergone several reconstructions as recently as the 1930s. It is generally regarded as the most important national monument in Laos and a national symbol. Courtesy https://www.buddhiststamp.com/